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Dinner, a Movie, and Melodies Galore in Greenwich Village

Cinema, roast chicken, and Cafe Wha? Sounds like a perfect weekend.

Photo courtesy of Cafe Wha?/Facebook

The last movie musical that graced the big screen was, well, a bit of a catastrophe. Don’t stay a sourpuss for too long, though, because we’ve planned a day that will be music to your eyes, ears, and stomach.

SEE: Dreamgirls at Film Forum

And we are telling you…we’re so going! Swing by this indie cinema gem for a special screening of the Oscar-nominated movie musical starring Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson. Saturday, February 8 and Sunday, February 9; 11 a.m.; $9; 209 West Houston Street (between Sixth Avenue and Varick Street)

EAT: Roast Chicken That Coos at Charlie Bird

Like eating a meal inside a Beastie Boys song, Charlie Bird is busy, loud, boisterous, and full of big hip-hop–inflected flavors. Chops, trout, and steak dominate an inventive menu that pairs nicely with the bustling scene. 5 King Street (at Sixth Avenue)

Photo courtesy of Charlie Bird

DRINK: Martinis With a Soundtrack at Cafe Wha?

Still have a song in your heart? Belt it out at the place where Springsteen, Dylan, and the Velvet Underground got their start. 115 MacDougal Street (at Minetta Lane)

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