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Here’s What Our Culture Experts Are Doing in February—And You Should, Too!

ASMR! Charcuterie! Immersive art! Here’s what our experts are excited about this month.

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The calendar’s hottest month is February. It has everything: celebrities winning awards, football players winning titles, J.Lo getting vengeance for her Oscars snub in front of an audience of millions, and groundhogs in love. This month also has these supercool happenings around town. Join us, won’t you?


A Peregrine Falls in the East Village, February 6–29

Produced by Loading Dock Theater in association with the Workshop Theatre, this family drama is playwright Leegrid Stevens’s first new work since his critically acclaimed Spaceman. A young pregnant woman returns home, but long-buried secrets threaten to turn her joy into tragedy. A Peregrine Falls is a play about how religion and delusions can be used to hide the ugly truth. —David Cote, theater expert

The Hopelessly Hopeless Story of All Good Girls in Williamsburg, February 13–23

In this gothic little shocker directed by Genee Coreno, a grandmother and granddaughter live in semi-seclusion in a Colorado ranch house. They smoke, drink tall glasses of milk, and sink into depression. When a middle-aged neighbor visits, repressed sexuality erupts. —David Cote, theater expert

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The Fre at the Flea Theater in Tribeca, begins February 28

Tony nominee Taylor Mac makes his return to the Flea with a comedy about flailing in the mud, with shades of Lord of the Flies. The audience is invited to literally jump in the “mud” with the cast if they so dare. (You won’t get messy, though; the play is set in a giant ball pit.) Ross Tipograph, performance expert


Black Women at Film Forum in the West Village, through February 13

What do Ghost and Princess Tam Tam have in common? They are both part of a major survey chronicling 80 years of African-American female performers and images. Molly Surno, art expert 

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Blend Your Own Bourbon at Widow Jane Distillery in Red Hook, February 19

Bourbon is good on its own, but bourbon customized just for you is even better. Visit Widow Jane for this one-of-a-kind class in which you can do just that. Drink up! —Jess Bender, dining and drinking expert

Charcuterie Masters at Flushing Town Hall, February 22

Calling yourself a charcuterie master on your résumé is what I’d consider a baller move. Dozens of meatmeisters are competing for the title in eight different categories—and the public gets to weigh in on who’s the meatiest of them all. —Jess Bender, dining and drinking expert

Photo courtesy of N.Y. Epicurean Events/Facebook
Modern Griots at the James Beard House in Greenwich Village, February 27

Three of the area’s most prized culinary voices in African-American cooking—Omar Tate; Kurt Evans; and one of WSWD‘s PWMNYS, Chris Scott—are spending the night cooking and storytelling at the James Beard House. —Jess Bender, dining and drinking expert

Photo courtesy of the James Beard Foundation


Terry Riley’s “In C” at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village, February 5

Composer Riley’s “In C” is considered one of the pivotal compositions of the 1960s; it includes 40 minutes of continual eighth notes in (you guessed it) C. Tonight’s performance by the Brooklyn string orchestra Darmstadt Ensemble celebrates the composition’s 56th anniversary. —John Seroff, music expert


A Green New Deal at Participant Inc. on the Lower East Side, through February 9

Part greenhouse walk-through and part video installation, artist Conrad Ventur presents a piece about sustainable life paired with a video of his first gardening job. This functioning greenhouse will be donated to a community garden after the exhibition. Ross Tipograph, performance expert

Photo by Mark Waldhauser/Courtesy of Participation Inc.
“The Miracle” at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, opens February 21

This interactive installation, inspired by community-built haunted houses, will—by April—give way to a live musical performance. The exhibition takes cues from The Exorcist, The Muppets, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Ross Tipograph, performance expert

“The Observatory” at Smack Mellon in Dumbo, through February 23

It’s hard to wrap our brains around the catastrophic implications of climate change, but there’s no better attempt than an artist’s imagination. Check out Smack Mellon’s current show for the dystopic view of future earth. Molly Surno, art expert 

Photo courtesy of Smack Mellon/Facebook

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